Krampus store is an online market of original artwork and accessories created by Mike Vivisector and his family - wife Lena (Printing), and kids Ivan (calligrpahy design, development, and sales) and Daniel (sales). Mike's art combines the dark folklore of Eastern and Western European Mythologies. In his atmospheric monochrome illustrations, white ink shines light into forgotten stories of blood cults, night beasts, witches and demons.

About the Artist

Mike Vivisector was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. As a child, he became obsessed with Slavic fairy tales, not the sanitized versions featured in morning cartoons, but the originals, with their complicated anti-heroes and often macabre endings. The atmospheric villages, haunted landscapes and forbidding creatures described in these stories have served as an inspiration for his drawings and etchings, which have been exhibited in Russia, Estonia, Argentina and the US.

About the t-shirts

All t-shirts are printed by hand at our studio in New York City, using high resolution silkscreens on a 100% Cotton Gildan t-shirts. We carry S-4XL shirts in stock, but if you are interested in purchasing additional sizes reach us by the email address below.

About the company

Krampus store is a family business. For more examples of Mike's illustrations check out his Tumblr.

Ways to contact us

For any inqueries and to contact us use storekrampus(at)gmail(dot)com.